Entranced 2018 offers scholarships to members of our community who otherwise could not attend our convention. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, send an e-mail to telling us why you deserve a scholarship and approximately how much you need. Needs include registration, hotel room (which will be shared with someone else if covered by scholarship), travel, food, and miscellaneous expenses. The less needed for a scholarship, the more likely we are to be able to grant it.

Things we value when deciding who should get a scholarship include community involvement, a unique approach or activity in the area of recreational hypnosis, volunteering or presenting at events, especially at this Entranced, or having something to offer the convention that brings something special for the attendees. When telling us why you should get a scholarship, be proud. Talk yourself up. Put your best face forward.

Every person who believes they can bring something to this convention but requires assistance to attend is encouraged to apply for scholarship regardless of demographic.

Scholarship applications close May 1, 2018.