News and Updates

October Updates From Entranced!

Hello All!

Here is what has been going on with Entranced Con!

We’re still waiting to hear from the hotel on what effect the renovations will have on our con space. We will continue to keep you all informed as we find out new information.

Expect to see forms for volunteering, class proposals, and evening activity proposals opening up in November. We understand that people may still be thinking about Charmed and NEEHU, of course, so we won’t close these forms until sometime in the spring or early summer, but we want you to feel free to send ideas in when you have them.

Also, we’re in the process of revising our rules for Entranced 2018. We will make a post announcing the changes no later than 31 Dec 2017.

As always, if you have questions, please get in touch with Daja. You can find her at, on fetlife as Daja, and she’s on the entrancedhypnocon tumblr as well. You can also email her at

September Updates From Entranced -9/5/17  

Hello All!

We want to keep everyone up to date and informed about happenings involving the Con! So we will be periodically posting updates and relevant information so that there is more warning for changes and generally greater transparency.

First things first, here is your 2018 Con Com!
Entranced 2018 Con Committee, with positions:
MrsPrism – Con Chair, Hotel Liaison, Con Suite
MissIsis – Vice Chair
Hypnomaestro – Treasurer, Hotel Liaison, Registration
Daja – Secretary, Programming (classes), Programming (evening activities), Community Relations
Snare – Volunteer coordinator
LamiaS – Publicity, Chicago-area BDSM outreach

In Other news:
The hotel is working on renovations. We will announce how this will change our space as we find out.

We are going to work to have more open communication between the Con Com and our attendees. If you have questions about the con, please get in touch with our community relations representative, Daja. She’s on Tumblr and fetlife, and can also be emailed at