Presenter Rules

  1. Model good consent. If you haven’t negotiated a demo with your demo partner, do so in front of the class. This should include, at minimum, an explanation of what you plan to do, where you are allowed to touch (in case they get floppy, or if necessary for the demo), and anything to avoid. If you have negotiated with your demo partner prior to the class – due to lengthy negotiation needs, say – check in with them to be sure they are still up for demoing. “We negotiated this prior to the class. [Partner], are you still up for everything we discussed? Is there anything I need to know?” is a good check-in for this.

  2. If you have a pre-existing dynamic with a co-presenter or demo partner, inform the class that it exists, especially if it is a playful or bratty dynamic. Bratting can look like variations on non-consent when people don’t know what they’re watching.If someone seems reluctant, find another demo partner, even if you suspect they are just bratting at you. Do not appear to sway their opinion with trancy language or by pressuring them, even if that is a part of your relationship with the individual.Some of our presenters may be in relationships where they have standing consent for certain activities. However, our attendees may not know that, and this is about modeling how to play safely. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. If you are not modeling best safety practices for something you’re doing, inform your class of that. If you don’t have time to teach them the basics of a skill, you should also tell them that. “I’m taking a few consented-to shortcuts here, but they do add a level of risk. Please attend a class on [technique] for the basics to do this safely.”  Sometimes, our presenters are using a technique that is not the focus of a class. We understand that there is not always time to teach basics of a technique, but again, our attendees may assume you’re covering everything they need to know to use that technique right away.

  4. Follow all dungeon play-space rules, when applicable.

Violation of these rules may result in further classes from the presenter being canceled at the Con Committee’s discretion.