Programming 2

There will be amazing programming from amazing presenters. We will present a full list of classes when the convention gets closer.

We are always looking for new presenters. We have discovered almost everyone has something to share. Whether you realize it or not, you are probably an expert in something that would interest other attendees. We would love to have you present at Entranced 2018.

All classes will be fifty minutes in length followed by a ten minute break. If you need more time, consider splitting the classes into two (or more) segments presented back-to-back.

Here is our Programming Proposal Form.  To get ideas, you can see what we did last year here. Expect even more fun, interesting, informative classes from world experts in recreational hypnosis.

We are also looking for ideas for evening activities. We want ideas that bring people together in a fun, trancey way. If you have an idea for a social icebreaker or just a fun activity or presentation, suggest it or sign up to run it on our Evening Activities Form.

Please review our Presenter Rules
Programming Proposal Instructions
  1. Badge Name: Your badge name is your identification. Make sure it is correct. If you use a different name than your badge name, you may be dropped from the schedule.
  2. Assistants: By adding the badge names of anyone you want at your panel, we can avoid scheduling conflicts. Again, make sure the badge names are the names they signed up under. If not, they will not be added.
  3. Presenter Biography: Tell us about yourself. Please keep it under 120 words. Here are sample bios from last year. (Click on the Presenters tab.)
  4. Presentation Title: Make it short and catchy.
  5. Brief Class Description: This will go on classroom signs. Keep it under 140 characters.
  6. Class Description: This will go in the program book and the wall schedule. Please include any trigger warnings such as intense emotional issues, knife play, rape play, flogging, nudity, trauma, etc. If in doubt, please include it in the description. Please keep this under 100 words.
  7. Class Type: Pick the one that comes closest to your presentation
    • Lecture: You talking to the audience with some Q&A and minimal demonstration
    • Panel Discussion: Several people discussing the topic with some audience participation and Q&A
    • Demonstration: Some lecture, but more focused on demonstration
    • Practical: Audience participation and practice, limited lecture
    • Roundtable: Everyone attending is expected to discuss and contribute.
  8. Class Level: Choose the most appropriate class level. If in doubt, ask us. We are happy to advise.
    • 101: Very basic beginning class. Assumes no knowledge of hypnosis or any other topic discussed.
    • Beginner: Minimal knowledge of the topic, and minimal experience. An introductory class.
    • Intermediate: Basic knowledge of the topic and hypnosis, but not extensive experience.
    • Advanced: Solid foundation in the general topic and hypnosis. Assume the people are experienced, though not necessarily at a professional level.
    • All levels: Appropriate for everyone, regardless of knowledge or experience.
  9. Arrival and Departure Times and Dates: We want to be sure you are at the convention when we schedule you. If you don’t know, choose “Not Sure Yet” and let us know when you are sure.
  10. Other Considerations: Anything else we need to know such as special equipment, time preferences or restrictions, prerequisite classes or knowledge, special room layout, etc. We cannot guarantee supplying what you need, but we will try our best.
  11. Contact Information: The best way to reach you. It can be e-mail, Facebook, Tumblr, FetLife, phone or other effective means of communication. This information will not be shared outside the Concom.

Thank you for helping us make Entranced 2018 the most interesting and creative recreational hypnosis convention it can be!