Entranced welcomes everyone regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion or political leanings, but  Entranced is a private event. As such, Entranced reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone or remove anyone from the convention for any reason other than those prohibited by law. By purchasing a ticket or attending Entranced you agree to follow the rules listed below as well as any other rules the Entranced convention may institute. The Entranced Convention Committee (ConCom) are the final arbitrators in these matters.

Conspace is defined as any area utilized or controlled by the Entranced convention. This includes the meeting areas, Con Suite and rooms that are in the name of the convention or any rooms open to all convention attendees such as open parties. This applies as long as the convention controls these areas regardless the official start or end time of the convention.

To make Entranced as safe and enjoyable as possible, there are several rules that will be enforced. Except where noted, failure to follow these rules could result in your expulsion from the convention. The rules are subject to change at any time.

  1. Age. Entranced is for adults only. Anyone under 18 will be removed from the convention. Anyone assisting someone under 18 to attend will also be removed.
  2. Consent. Entranced requires affirmative consent. Only yes means yes. All hypnosis and trancing must be consensual. This includes NLP, covert hypnosis, conversational hypnosis and other trances states. If the person says no, do not ask again. If you plan to do consensual non-consent, please let the ConCom know to avoid any confusion.
  3. Recordings. Due to the adult nature of this event, we do not allow any video or audio recording of any type, including photography, in the conspace without special permission. Outside of the conspace, make sure everyone in the recording has given their permission to be recorded.
  4. Smoking, alcohol and drugs. The hotel is smoke and vape free. You must go outside to smoke. Due to fire codes, no fire play is allowed at the hotel. Alcohol and hypnosis do not mix well. No alcohol is allowed in conspace or at any open party. Anyone believed to be inebriated will be sent to their rooms until they sober up. Inebriation is determined at the discretion of the Concom. Only legally obtained drugs are allowed in conspace. All other drugs are forbidden at the convention.
  5. Food and drink. Due to hotel rules, no outside food or drink is allowed in the meeting rooms. Food or drink from the hotel is allowed. People with outside food or drink will be asked to consume it outside of the meeting areas.
  6. Clothing. During the day, normal street clothes are required. An exception is made for classes where other clothing or nudity is part of the class. During the evening, more adventurous clothing (or lack thereof) is allowed in the conspace. Attendees must be appropriately clothed or covered outside the conspace.
  7. Play. In conspace, nudity and sexual activities are limited to the evening and only in designated areas, except when appropriate for classes. During the evening, each room will have a sign indicating what is acceptable in that room. If in doubt, ask. No play outside of conspace or private rooms. Do not involve outsiders in the convention.
  8. Respect. Respect the con staff, the other attendees, the hotel staff and other hotel guests. If you have problems or issues, bring them to the ConCom.
  9. Fun.  Enjoy yourself and have fun. Failure to follow this rule is its own punishment. No additional penalties will be applied.
Entranced’s Consent Policy