Entranced FAQs

What is Recreational Hypnosis?

Recreational hypnosis is hypnosis used for fun rather than therapy or entertainment. It often involves amateurs hypnotizing each other, though many of our attendees and presenters are also professional hypnotists. Erotic and sexual make up a significant part of recreational hypnosis. This convention includes a large amount of erotic hypnosis, which is why it is for adults only. However, other aspects of recreational hypnosis are also covered. This includes proper consent procedures, how to hypnotize people safely, how to be a better subject, and much more.

I’ve never done any hypnosis. Is this for me?

All you need is an interest in hypnosis. We will take care of the rest. We have an entire beginners track with information for new hypnotists and subjects. We have evening icebreaker activities for new attendees and people new to hypnosis. You will get to meet many like-minded people of all genders, orientations and skill levels who share your interests.

What about BDSM?

The original incarnation of Entranced had a significant BDSM presence. Many aspects of that remain. There will be a small dungeon and there are classes devoted to BDSM related topics. However, the hardcore BDSM is kept separate from the lighter, non-BDSM play with hypnosis. If BDSM is your thing, you will find plenty to interest you. If BDSM disturbs you, you can easily avoid it. If you are not sure and curious, this is a great place to learn more in a safe environment.

The BDSM aspect is why many of us do not use our real names on our badges. Many people have associated recreational hypnosis with BDSM. For some of us, if the general public knew we were involved in this, it could cause problems in our everyday life. Plus, nicknames are fun.

Do you allow vendors?

We welcome vendors. We ask to review what you plan to sell to be sure it is appropriate, but other than that, you are welcome to vend from your room or in the convention space. We currently have no formal vendors’ area, but that may change in the future.

I don’t have much money. Do you offer any discounts?

We offer reduced or free admission for some volunteers. In some cases, we even offer free room space at the hotel. You can learn more on our Volunteers page. We also have a limited number of scholarships available. You can apply for a scholarship on our Scholarship page.

If you want to contribute to the Scholarship fund, you can purchase a Full Price ticket at Brown Paper Tickets. Any amount over the current registration price is donated to the Scholarship fund. (This donation is not tax deductible.) We also accept direct donations to the fund. Contact the Con Chair for more information.

I have a specific question I need answered. Who do I talk to?

Registration: registration@entrancedcon.org
Programming: programming@entrancedcon.org
Volunteers: volunteers@entrancedcon.org
Vending: chair@entrancedcon.org
Scholarships: chair@entrancedcon.org
Hotel questions: registration@entrancedcon.org
General questions: chair@entrancedcon.org

The Entranced 2018 Con Committee is:

Daja – Con Chair Secretary, Programming (classes), Programming (evening activities), Community Relations

MissIsis – Vice Chair, Con Suite
 – Treasurer, 
LamiaS – Volunteer Coordinator, Hotel Liaison, Registration, Publicity, Chicago-area BDSM outreach