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How Authors Can Use Social Media to Promote Their Name & Work

How Authors Can Use Social Media to Promote Their Name & Work

If you’re an author, social media is a large, powerful place to go to tell people who you are and what you do. There are tons of sites that provide this platform and the audience. Your job is attracting them your way with quality content. Simply being an author isn’t enough when using social media. Your pages must be popping and stand out if you want customers to engage. What can you do to ensure that people want to come to your page and keep track of the fun? Post the right content; the material that keeps them coming back for more. Some of the best ideas for social media content include:

Post Excerpts

Perhaps you’re putting the final touches on a book, but want to start enticing readers. There are several ways to do this, although posting a juicy excerpt from the story is perhaps one of the best. You can post one line or a small paragraph and enjoy this little tease that may even give you insight into the outcome of the book.


Hold a contest to give away a copy of your book. Although you may not get the funds from the sale, it does get your name out there where you need it to be if you ever plan to succeed in the industry. Post some good pics on Instagram relevant to your book to entice people and buy 100 Insta followers to kick-start the promo. Countless other giveaway ideas make it easy to reach a larger platform on Instagram and other social sites. When the chance to win is on the line, the audience will come to claim their stake and share of the prize.

More Than Meets the Eye

Some people never see social media sites for what they really are but you don’t need to be included in this crowd. You can use Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms to excite the world about the books that you offer. They’ll see social media in a different way from this point forward.

Get Personal

People want to know more about your book and your work. However, they also want to know who you are. Give them insight into who you are and they’ll flock to you and help spread the word that your work is out there needing to be read.  Post a selfie with some details about yourself; show off your dog or the kiddos. When you get personal, the audience will respond and you’ll all have tons more fun!

Book Sales

A little self-promotion never hurt anyone. Don’t be shy about offering a link to customers to purchase your book. Maybe throw in a discount or a coupon to encourage their buy. It’s your page so use it like you mean it!

Book Discussions

If your book is popular enough to hold a discussion, social media is the best place to get people together to start the conversation. It is easy for everyone to come to social media to participate and there are millions of potential eyes who will see the discussion. If your book is on fire, social media will make sure that is known.

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